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Curemark CEO Addresses White House Briefing on Life Sciences

26 June, 2013

RYE, N.Y., June 26, 2013 — Curemark LLC CEO Dr. Joan Fallon addressed a conference of senior Obama administration officials at the White House last week on the need for government support of early-stage life sciences companies.

Speaking to representatives of the White House Office of Technology and Science, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Fallon highlighted the benefits of government partnership with

entrepreneurs to foster life sciences innovation. “There are still a host of unmet medical needs. Government can spur innovation and accelerate life cycles so that super mario run greater numbers of new treatments can get to patients,” she said.

Dr. Fallon proposed a new initiative, “The Federal Life Sciences Startup Package,” which would provide government support to early-stage life science companies. The proposal focuses on helping these companies manage costs for both research and development and intellectual property protection.

After the conference, Dr. Fallon commented further about her proposed Federal Life Sciences Startup Package. “Start-ups and small business are the life blood of American job creation,” she stated. “Incentives like this would provide significant help for small companies with innovative life science technologies.”

About Curemark LLC

Curemark is a drug research and development company focused on the treatment of neurological and other diseases, especially those with dysautonomic components, by addressing certain key gastrointestinal/pancreatic secretory deficiencies. The company previously announced that its Phase III double blind randomized placebo controlled multicenter clinical trial of CM-AT for autism met its primary and secondary endpoints. To learn more about our innovative science, visit

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