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Building a Vision to Reinvent Convention

More than ever before, disruptive technology is producing change – change in the way we think, in the way we work and most importantly, in the way we develop treatments.

Typically, drug candidates are developed in a laboratory building on scientific insights into the molecular biology and physiology of the disease. These insights then drive drug development. Only later, during clinical testing, is the clinical experience of the patient immediately relevant. Curemark has taken a different approach to research and development.

Our approach is patient centered. Dr. Fallon’s Autism research began in the clinic, where she treated children, especially children with Autism. During her work with these children she identified a common enzyme deficiency. This led to the development of CM-AT. Dr. Fallon founded Curemark to bring her discovery to the children who need it, while continuing to effect change in the paradigm for medical research.

1 IN 68

The ratio of children that have ASD  (Autism Spectrum Disorder) –that’s 3-5 million worldwide.




The cost per year in the US to treat Autism, and this amount is expected to increase.




No drugs are currently approved to treat core symptoms of Autism.